What is the Cost of a Divorce?

While the cost of divorce varies from one country to another, it is possible to manage the cost just as you do with any other budgets. With that in mind, the cost of a divorce depends on the value of assets that you may want to protect. With highly valued assets to protect, you might have to spend more money to protect the assets. On the other hand, the cost will depend on the approach you give your divorce case. Before you engage divorce lawyers Franklin TN has to offer, you should know the route you want to take for your case. Here are various options to consider:

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Divorce court approach

You can take this approach if you cannot settle your divorce outside court or through mediation. It usually happens where the couple cannot agree on property division, spousal support, or child custody. The approach is usually expensive, as both parties have to hire lawyers to represent their concerns in court. Besides, the parties have to pay court and filing fees in addition to the attorneys’ charges. Some attorneys demand payment by the hour, which depends on which part of the country. You can get more information about this from reliable divorce lawyers Franklin TN has to offer.

Mediation Approach

Mediation is an alternative to the court approach. It involves the two parties and a neutral third party. The mediator, without taking sides, helps the parties to solve their issues out of court. The approach is voluntary and is applicable where couples can agree to settle their divorce issues out of court. It involves no intervention of divorce lawyers Franklin TN has to offer or a court for divorce Nashville TN has. If you choose to have a mediator for your divorce case, you just need to pay the mediator.

Do It Yourself approach

Also known as Pro Se Litigation, it means you tackle a divorce case without involving an attorney. The procedures are the same and you will be responsible for all the paperwork involved in the case. In this case, you are only obliged to pay the court and filing fees. You can be successful with this approach if you are familiar with the family law, especially as it relates to your state or country

Collaborative divorce

In this approach, you involve attorneys, collaborative coaches, and a financial specialist. You can also include a child specialist where children are involved. There are no court or filing fees associated with the process. It also works faster. You can find more information about this from reliable contested divorce attorneys Nashville TN has to offer.

In the end, the approach you choose determines what you can pay for your divorce case. Experts agree that mediation is the least expensive option, taking just a few hours where both spouses cooperate. You could save more money by choosing this method than you could if you chose a collaborative divorce option.

However, in situations where mediation cannot work, it is advisable to involve a legal expert in family law. For example, hiring a reliable lawyer for contested divorce Nashville TN currently has, is a safe step.

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