The Gippsland lakes


The Gippsland Lakes system runs from lake Wellington near Sale to Lakes Entrance, a distance of around 75km, Making the Gippsland lakes the largest navigable inland waterway in Australia and in fact you can launch a boat at the port of Sale and travel by water to Lakes Entrance via the sale causeway to Lake Wellington then through McLennan’s Strait to Lake Victoria, past Paynesville into Lake King, then past Metung and through Reeves Channel to Lakes Entrance.

To give an idea of the area covered by the Gippsland Lakes, the 3 main lakes of the system- Lakes Wellington, Victoria, and King cover 345 square kilometres and have a combined shoreline of around 325 kilometres
The Gippsland Lakes area is a mecca for water sports including boating, fishing and swimming or just having a relaxing weekend away by the water.

The Gippsland Lakes section of Gippsland in Picture will slowly expand to cover more of the area than most people will be aware existed, not just the well known tourist areas of the Lakes system.
The Gippsland Lakes section is divided into each locality to make it easier to find the place you are looking for, or another alterative is to use the Gippsland LinkMap which will aid selecting a location in any part of the Gippsland lake area.

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