How to Ensure Team Building Success in 4 Steps

Each year, company owners and organizations invest a lot of money on team building programs. This type of activity is designed to improve camaraderie and the sense of team work within that organization. However, not all team building activities are able to accomplish their goals. While some companies see the benefits of holding such activities, there are also a few others that report little changes or result from it. Hence, it is not guaranteed that you can get results from the activity until you take pro-active steps to ensure that your program is geared towards accomplishing those goals.

Would you like to know how to plan a successful team building activity? Here are some tips to consider when planning successful team building programs:

Step 1: Determine what your team needs.

Most companies go into team building activities without a clear idea of what they want to accomplish. Is there a particular area in your team’s chemistry or working relationship you want to focus on improving? What are your short-term and long-term goals for doing this activity? A thorough analysis of these goals will enable you to design activities that will help you accomplish these goals.

Step 2: Recognize and encourage performance improvement.

Team building exercises are often designed to be fun and light. However, it should also provide members of the team a sense of reward for their hard work and their improvement at work. Focus on developing activities that let them know their value is recognized, as well as their efforts and contribution to the team.

Step 3: Provide insights to team performance in relation to team building activities.

This is where proper planning on step 1 can come into play. It is important that you leverage those activities planned for the team building to provide insight into work performance. You have to let every member of the team come into an understanding of what they need to do in order to settle disputes at the workplace or improve performance in their respective departments. It does not have to be a lecture-type approach; proper planning will enable participants to get these insights in a dynamic manner.

Step 4: Follow through with the performance.

Your efforts at getting results from your team building activity do not end once you conclude the activity. Once the team building “buzz” has faded, every member of the team goes to their usual routine and environment. Make sure you continue to reinforce the spirit and energy that you had during the team building event. Remind them of the rewards waiting for them, as well as recognize any improvement they are showing.

Team building activities are helpful to improving your team’s overall performance. However, it is just one of many other efforts you can do to increase productivity, efficiency and team work. Do not neglect these other aspects, too.

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