Gippslands world famous 90 Mile Beach

The 90 Mile Beach is located about 240Km south-east of Melbourne
Gippsland’s world famous 90 Mile stretches just over 90 miles or about 150km from the entrance into the McLaughlin’s Beach estuary, all the way to the entrance at Lakes Entrance.
This seemingly never ending beach stretches off into the distance in both directions as far as you can see, and is a great place to spend a day in the sun swimming or fishing or just relaxing on the beach..

If you like a quiet beach you will find one for sure on the 90 Mile Beach, any time of year you can find a quiet stretch of beach with not a soul in sight, even in the peek summer holiday period you wont have to walk far along the beach to get away from the crowds, even in the main tourist locations on the 90 Mile beach like Woodside Beach, Seaspray and Golden Beach..

This section covers the 90 Mile beach from Loch Sport, Golden beach and Paradise beach, which are the eastern most access points right down to the beginning of the 90 Mile beach at the entrance into the estuary at McLaughlin’s Beach.

Woodside Beach on Gippsland’s world famous 90 Mile Beach

The 90 Mile Beach locations below are listed in order from east to west and all offer plenty of golden sandy beach for a day out.
Click the locations below to open the main page with more pictures and information on each location

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