Common Questions and Answers Concerning Family Law

Family law is also called matrimonial law and is a field of legal practice dealing with domestic subjects such as marriage, guardianship, civil unions, child custody, adoption, restraining orders and domestic violence among others. Since such matters are normally reserved for the benefit of all involved parties, the average individual has a lot of questions when visiting a family law expert for t he very first time. There are a couple of common queries that a firm involved in family law such as Widrig Law PLLC faces on regular basis from prospective clients.

The Distinction between Divorce and Annulment

Even though both these terms can be applied for dissolving a marriage, several important distinctions exist between the two in law. The most critical one concerns annulment treating the marriage as though it never occurred in the first place. Neither of the parties, under such circumstances, becomes subject to any penalties, agreements or contracts in such situations as would ordinarily accompany the dissolution of marriage. Forced consent, fraud and even underage marriage are some of the most common grounds that family lawyers utilize to seek annulment.

Establishment of Child Custody

If a former couple is unable to reach an agreement concerning primary guardianship, the court will make a decision on their behalf depending upon what serves the interests of the child best. At such point, such a couple may for instance engage assistance of a family lawyer from a seasoned law firm like Widrig Law PLLC in discussing about visitation privileges. The deliberations would then lead to a mutual understanding or the spouses could alternatively have the court set a visitation schedule on their behalf.

Child Support

Taking care of a child is oftentimes a costly exercise. The court may as such order that a parent pays a certain amount of cash to the spouse retaining primary custody of the child on monthly basis. The payments may be utilized for covering a number of expenses, including clothing, shelter, food, medical care and educational needs.


The term alimony, also called spousal support, offers a means of financial help paid by one spouse to another either during or after divorce is finalized. The court usually orders for it in the majority of cases where a spouse proves to be substantially dependent upon another for support and maintenance. Alimony is for instance oftentimes ordered if the spouse who stayed at home with the child requires going back to work following a long term of absence. Since that spouse might not have the relevant work history or even skills to support themselves in the way that they have become accustomed to, alimony might be ordered in such cases to enable them bridge the difference they are bound to experience following divorce or separation.


Since filing for divorce oftentimes proves to be extremely lengthy a process, a lot of couples opt for mediation by a family law practitioner. Mediation offers a simple, yet surprisingly effective way of resolving disputes and brings the two parties together for discussions towards an amicable settlement. Attorneys may come in during this process, but it is the third-party mediator that is really influential. This dispassionate interlocutor could end up saving couples large amounts of cash on legal fees.

Having perused the concerns mentioned above, one can then decide upon whether to seek the help of a laywer experienced in handling cases of family law, such as those available at Widrig Law PLLC.

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