Australia is among the world’s best education destination. Yearly, thousands of students from all over the globe come to the country to take advantage of the high level of education offered. With the ever rising needs for migration to Australia and the amount of paper work involved, working with a company such as LWS migration specialist Australia agency helps your migration process be easier and more satisfying. Australia allows international students to work part-time while they are studying. This means that you need a student visa and work permit. The new set of migration laws in Australia automatically issues you with a work permit on an approved student visa. Therefore, you need to be sure that you qualify for one and that you comprehensively fill out every single form as needed – if you are going to stand a chance of getting approval and kick starting your dream studies abroad.

Whenever you start on your migration process, it is highly recommended to seek immigration advisory services to help in your application. The help you get from LWS migration specialist Australia plays a critical role in successfully acquiring a student visa and a work permit so you can fit right in with the student community from abroad. 

How migration agents help

Firstly, migration agents do an assessment of your qualifications and evaluate your chances of approval into Australia. For instance your nationality is a key determinant on whether your student visa and work permit will be approved or denied. Australia has exclusive agreements with specific nations, and if you happen to belong to one of them then you can easily be granted entry into the country as student. However, if you are not from these gazetted nations then other rules apply. 

That said, migration agents therefore evaluate your chances early and prep you for lodging a successful application. 

Secondly, did you know that there are at least 7 types of student visa you can choose from? The fact that you probably didn’t know that just goes out to show why you need expert visa advice from LWS. Depending on your circumstances, you can qualify for any of these seven.

Basically, students seeking to join primary or secondary school apply for a different visa (Schools Student Visa Subclass 571) than Higher Education Student Visa which is for university students. Other categories of visa apply for students seeking diploma, masters/doctorate, foundation course, English students, AusAID sponsor and guardian visa for the relative accompanying the student.

Last but not least, migration agents also help you in getting an Australian permanent residency permit which most students apply for after their studies as they seek to join the skilled workforce in Australia. Permanent residence is applicable after your course and if you have been studying in the country for more than two years. An agent makes these processes seamless and gives you the best chance of approval by minimizing mistakes on application and following all the legal procedure on your behalf.
So if you have been seeking to study and work in Australia but didn’t know where to start, hope this article gives you a few pointers to get you started. Ideally you can get in contact with LWS migration specialist Australia agents who will help you in realizing your dreams of studying in Australia.   

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