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The Gippsland region of Australia is located in the south-eastern corner of mainland Australia in the state of Victoria. Gippsland is one of the most diverse areas of Australia offering activities ranging from Snow skiing at the alpine resorts in winter, to lazing on the beautiful endless golden sands of the 90 Mile Beach in the summer months and a magnitude of other activities in between. Some of these activities include boating throughout the natural beauty of the Gippsland Lakes or a drive through some of the quiet country towns or historic and interesting locations throughout the region. The choices are endless with such a diverse environmental collection there is a location and activity somewhere in the Gippsland region to suit most people.

The Gippsland region comprises an area of approximately 42,000 square kilometres. This includes a length of around 400km from Phillip Island in the south west to Mallacoota and the NSW border, and around 200km inland from Australia’s southern most point, Wilsons Promontory to Woods Point, Walhalla, Dargo and beyond into the rest of Victorian alpine region. From the world famous 90 Mile Beach to Gippsland’s picturesque Alpine National Park, the Gippsland region offers something for everyone including pristine coastal areas and lush rain forests as well as some of Australia’s best 4WD trips through some of the most scenic country anywhere in the Gippsland high country.

The Gippsland region also contains quite a few National Parks which include The Alpine National Park, Mitchell River National Park as well as the Spectacular Wilsons Promontory National park just to name a few.

The Gippsland region played a big role in the development of the state of Victoria, with the discovery of coal in Korumburra and the Latrobe Valley, as well as gold being discovered in the Walhalla and Dargo areas, all of which bought people, business and industry into the Gippsland region from all over the world. All this created a district rich in history that helped form a collection of magnificent old buildings and historical areas, farming districts, small towns and cities throughout the Gippsland region.

The Gippsland region also offers some of Australia’s most amazing places of natural beauty which includes rugged alpine areas, lush temperate rain forests and picturesque coastal areas. Gippsland is also home to several spectacular cave systems, with the Buchan Caves being one of the best, and open for daily tours of 2 of Austalia’s most breathtaking caves .

The great thing about the Gippsland region is that most of the attractions and places of special interest are usually no more that a couple of hours drive from the main cities and holiday sites, making day trips from your holiday location or home quite easy.

The Gippsland high plains and alpine region offer some excellent bushwalking and camping as well as some of the best 4WD trips anywhere. The areas around Licola and Dargo contain excellent camping in some truly beautiful places, as well as a magnitude of historical sites ranging from the mountain cattleman’s huts of the high plains above Licola to the old gold fields locations like Talbotville, Grant and the Crooked River area.

The Gippsland region also has quite a few good lookouts which are very easy to access. The picture below is from Silcocks Hill Lookout at Toora in South Gippsland. You will find another good lookout only a few minutes drive in the hills above the Foster township, both these lookouts offer magnificent views over the Wilsons Promontory and Corner Inlet area of South Gippsland