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Common Questions and Answers Concerning Family Law

Family law is also called matrimonial law and is a field of legal practice dealing with domestic subjects such as marriage, guardianship, civil unions, child custody, adoption, restraining orders and domestic violence among others. Since such matters are normally reserved for the benefit of all involved parties, the average individual has a lot of questions when visiting a family law expert for t he very first time. There are a couple of common queries that a firm involved in family law such as Widrig Law PLLC faces on regular basis from prospective clients.

The Distinction between Divorce and Annulment

Even though both these terms can be applied for dissolving a marriage, several important distinctions exist between the two in law. The most critical one concerns annulment treating the marriage as though it never occurred in the first place. Neither of the parties, under such circumstances, becomes subject to any penalties, agreements or contracts in such situations as would ordinarily accompany the dissolution of marriage. Forced consent, fraud and even underage marriage are some of the most common grounds that family lawyers utilize to seek annulment.

Establishment of Child Custody

If a former couple is unable to reach an agreement concerning primary guardianship, the court will make a decision on their behalf depending upon what serves the interests of the child best. At such point, such a couple may for instance engage assistance of a family lawyer from a seasoned law firm like Widrig Law PLLC in discussing about visitation privileges. The deliberations would then lead to a mutual understanding or the spouses could alternatively have the court set a visitation schedule on their behalf.

Child Support

Taking care of a child is oftentimes a costly exercise. The court may as such order that a parent pays a certain amount of cash to the spouse retaining primary custody of the child on monthly basis. The payments may be utilized for covering a number of expenses, including clothing, shelter, food, medical care and educational needs.


The term alimony, also called spousal support, offers a means of financial help paid by one spouse to another either during or after divorce is finalized. The court usually orders for it in the majority of cases where a spouse proves to be substantially dependent upon another for support and maintenance. Alimony is for instance oftentimes ordered if the spouse who stayed at home with the child requires going back to work following a long term of absence. Since that spouse might not have the relevant work history or even skills to support themselves in the way that they have become accustomed to, alimony might be ordered in such cases to enable them bridge the difference they are bound to experience following divorce or separation.


Since filing for divorce oftentimes proves to be extremely lengthy a process, a lot of couples opt for mediation by a family law practitioner. Mediation offers a simple, yet surprisingly effective way of resolving disputes and brings the two parties together for discussions towards an amicable settlement. Attorneys may come in during this process, but it is the third-party mediator that is really influential. This dispassionate interlocutor could end up saving couples large amounts of cash on legal fees.

Having perused the concerns mentioned above, one can then decide upon whether to seek the help of a laywer experienced in handling cases of family law, such as those available at Widrig Law PLLC.

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Getting Custody of Children as a Father

Anthony was left in despair when his marriage came to an end. He was not only decrying the failed marriage that left him nursing serious emotional bruises; his wife who had custody of their two children seemed a little off. She was prone to outbursts of anger and on two occasions, his eldest daughter had told him that their mother got violent towards them frequently. He desperately needed an experienced Adelaide divorce lawyer to prove to the court that Lucy, once treated for depression early on in their marriage, was not fit to take care of the kids.

Like Anthony above, many fathers are left despondent after failed marriages because custody of minors is almost always given to the mothers. However, in a number of cases, this has proven to be a costly mistake that jeopardised the well-being of the children. With a top divorce lawyer in Adelaide, a father can win primary custody of the minors while clearly showcasing how he is best placed to care for the little ones.

What boosts the chances of a father getting custody of minors after divorce?

When vying for primary custody of the little ones, you must certainly consider all the qualities that make you more eligible compared to your wife. Sure, having a better car, income and house may count. However, they are far from the primary factors that a family court considers when settling a custody-related conflict.

All these factors usually revolve around one critical aspect – the best interest of the child:

–         The mother of your children is incompetent to care for them based on mental or physical disabilities

It is obvious that a mother who has been proven to have mental inhibitions may actually be a danger to her children. Also, serious physical disabilities that may hamper her ability to provide them with basic care could be a factor that the court considers in determining the case.

At the end of the day, though, the motivation of any family court is to cater for the children’s well-being. Therefore, regardless of their mother’s existing conditions, your Adelaide divorce lawyer will have to show what makes you more competent for this parenting role.

–         The nature of your work permits you to spend sufficient time with the minors

You may not be awarded primary custody if your work requires you to travel much of the time. Children who are yet to reach the age of adulthood need a lot of time for interaction with you; based on both frequency and length.

–         You have a strong, healthy bond with the children and they are comfortable living full-time with you

Obviously, the well-being of any child is determined a huge deal by the closeness they share with a parent. In the event that this is not a bond they share with their mother, you will have more odds stacked in your favour if the reverse is true between yourself and them. Check out Di Morosini & Co

–         Your ex-wife is a non-cooperative co-parent

Every Adelaide divorce lawyer knows that a non-cooperative co-parent enhances your chances of eventually winning sole custody of the children. If your ex-wife keeps you from seeing the children or is cruel to you and them, it may just be time to vie for sole custody.

If your mind is set on challenging her for sole custody, it is important first to find divorce lawyer in Adelaide to help your claim. Di Morosini and Company offers divorce lawyers with remarkable experience in family matters. You can learn more about their services as

How to Ensure You’re Working with a Licensed Insurance Broker

The benefits of a Perth insurance broker cannot be underestimated. They make life easier for consumers, especially for those who are new to the process of buying insurance. If you want to get the most out of their service, it pays to check for license. This will serve as your guarantee that the broker you are working with is qualified and has adequate training.

Before you try to learn about how licensing works for insurance brokers at Oracle Group, you need to know that the policies might vary from one city to another (or state). Hence, you should educate yourself first about how licenses are issued for a Perth insurance broker versus brokers from another state. This will give you an idea on the qualifications that the insurance broker must meet in order to become a licensed professional.

About Licensing for Insurance Brokers

If you are looking for a Perth insurance broker, you can validate their license using the following methods:

• Know the difference between the license for insurance agents and brokers. You should know by now that the services of an insurance broker are different from that of an agent. If you are specifically looking for a broker, you must be able to identify that distinction between the two.

• Check their certificate of training. All licensed brokers from Oracle Group Insurance or some other insurance companies operating in the Perth area are required to complete a certain number hours of training. The certificate will serve as proof that your insurance broker must complied with this particular area of qualification. In addition, the training institution that issued the certification must also be properly licensed by the appropriate government department.

• Licenses are renewable each year or for a given number of years. Hence, you need to check with your local government about the expiration of licenses for insurance brokers. It could be very likely that a fraud insurance broker might be showing you an expired certificate of license. You need to be one step ahead of them and check the validity date of their license. Licensure exams are given periodically to give the insurance brokers an opportunity to update their skills or knowledge. This is a step done by the government and insurance industry leaders to ensure that all brokers are equipped with the latest knowledge and information.

• Work with insurance brokers from licensed companies. The most foolproof way to hire an insurance broker is through insurance broker companies that are licensed. To protect the name of the company, these insurance broker firms would not hire individuals who lack the skill, knowledge and license. In fact, all brokers go through stringent screening before they become part of the insurance broker firm.

Finding a licensed Perth insurance broker is easier said than done. Hence, check in with the guidelines above to ensure that you find the right person for the job. You can also check out websites such as HTTP://WWW.ORACLEGROUP.COM.AU and look for proof of license. A licensed broker or company will be more than willing to provide their proof of license to erase any doubt from consumers.

Essentials of Testing for Asbestos

Owners of homes who desire for their houses to get tested for asbestos usually have to deal with a large number of contractors providing this service. Testing for asbestos is a critical undertaking especially as a home continues aging. The older homes are of special interest especially due to their high levels of exposure to this carcinogenic substance. Most of them were built during the early days when there was little understanding about the possible health hazards of asbestos. Home owners can call in a competent team of professionals in asbestos inspections Queensland provides for instance to test for its presence and carry out its removal, as opposed to attempting this exercise on their own.

Implications of Asbestos Presence in a Home

Exposure to asbestos is a dangerous thing and has been linked to several health complications, among which is asbestosis and even cancer of the lungs. As such, it is commendable calling in specialists in asbestos inspections Queensland has to test for the presence of this hazardous material. Testing for it involves a standard procedure that is used for detecting and removing asbestos from the home. There is a high likelihood of finding asbestos in insulation, most of all within attics. Tiny splinters tend to break free from insulation as the material ages and get inhaled by home residents. Asbestos can become a substantial health hazard if inhaled by someone.

Importance of Consulting with a Qualified Contractor

Removal of asbestos should be done by trained professionals only, such as the experts in asbestos inspections Queensland has within easy reach of homeowners residing in the area. It is necessary for individuals to transfer to a different location as a safety precaution, as this substance is undergoing removal, as this limits their exposure to it. Homeowners can then go ahead to install new insulation to replace the old one that was contaminated once it is removed.

Certain contractors can carry out this service all by themselves, which you should be able to confirm before enlisting help from a particular one. Having a single professional perform asbestos inspections normally brings along the advantage of cutting down on operational costs. This is because one does not have to pay for two distinct functions separately.

In most cases, the white dust which covers someone when drilling into a wall or pulling down a ceiling contains some traces of asbestos. Many experts in the field of asbestos handling recommend calling in an inspection team for old homes especially. It is commendable to consider inviting a team of asbestos inspections Queensland has if living within this area. The team would know exactly where to check for its presence, which includes down in the basement, up on old roofing material and on insulation materials lying underneath walls. As well, it helps a lot getting your family informed on the hazards of handling the carcinogenic substance. Residents of Queensland area in Australia can take advantage of the availability of those that are skilled in conducting Queensland asbestos inspections.

What is the Cost of a Divorce?

While the cost of divorce varies from one country to another, it is possible to manage the cost just as you do with any other budgets. With that in mind, the cost of a divorce depends on the value of assets that you may want to protect. With highly valued assets to protect, you might have to spend more money to protect the assets. On the other hand, the cost will depend on the approach you give your divorce case. Before you engage divorce lawyers Franklin TN has to offer, you should know the route you want to take for your case. Here are various options to consider:

divorce lawyers Franklin TN

Divorce court approach

You can take this approach if you cannot settle your divorce outside court or through mediation. It usually happens where the couple cannot agree on property division, spousal support, or child custody. The approach is usually expensive, as both parties have to hire lawyers to represent their concerns in court. Besides, the parties have to pay court and filing fees in addition to the attorneys’ charges. Some attorneys demand payment by the hour, which depends on which part of the country. You can get more information about this from reliable divorce lawyers Franklin TN has to offer.

Mediation Approach

Mediation is an alternative to the court approach. It involves the two parties and a neutral third party. The mediator, without taking sides, helps the parties to solve their issues out of court. The approach is voluntary and is applicable where couples can agree to settle their divorce issues out of court. It involves no intervention of divorce lawyers Franklin TN has to offer or a court for divorce Nashville TN has. If you choose to have a mediator for your divorce case, you just need to pay the mediator.

Do It Yourself approach

Also known as Pro Se Litigation, it means you tackle a divorce case without involving an attorney. The procedures are the same and you will be responsible for all the paperwork involved in the case. In this case, you are only obliged to pay the court and filing fees. You can be successful with this approach if you are familiar with the family law, especially as it relates to your state or country

Collaborative divorce

In this approach, you involve attorneys, collaborative coaches, and a financial specialist. You can also include a child specialist where children are involved. There are no court or filing fees associated with the process. It also works faster. You can find more information about this from reliable contested divorce attorneys Nashville TN has to offer.

In the end, the approach you choose determines what you can pay for your divorce case. Experts agree that mediation is the least expensive option, taking just a few hours where both spouses cooperate. You could save more money by choosing this method than you could if you chose a collaborative divorce option.

However, in situations where mediation cannot work, it is advisable to involve a legal expert in family law. For example, hiring a reliable lawyer for contested divorce Nashville TN currently has, is a safe step.